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The perfect summer soundtrack is played out on the small but mighty Beolit 12.
Before price USD 799

USD 599

  • Lagoon H6


     USD 399

    BeoPlay H6 offers a truly natural and authentic sound performance.

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  • black 630x300 wcp

    B&O PLAY is teaming up with PepsiĀ® to create the Live For Now Limited Edition collection, a line of headphones that combines the sport of football, the inspiration of art and the creativity of fashion.

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  • Lagoon V1


    Unique TV with a daring design, premium picture quality and speakers boasting an output level five times the industry normal.

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  • black 300x360 a9 black

    A9 Black

     USD 2.699

    Summertime equals festive moods, dancing and good times with the majestic BeoPlay A9.

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  • stewart wcp stewart wcp

    That is why we have decided to celebrate the Capsule Collection with a competition. Now you have the chance to win your very own pair of Form 2i Live For Now headphones. Click here to participate.

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  • Pistachio h3


     USD 199

    Powerful and authentic sound experience from robust yet ultra-light in-ears.

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  • Sand Beoplay A8


     USD 1.149

    Stunning one-piece stereo that makes your music look and sound beautiful. And yes, it works with all digital devices.

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  • a9 a9


    See who won the Student Design Competi- tion and see the limited edition of A9.

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  • Pistachio form2

    FORM 2i

     USD 129

    Ultra-light on-ear headphone with an impressive and honest stereo sound.

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  • Latte pinterest


    We are on Pinterest to share images of things that we love - Follow if you like nice things.

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  • instagram instagram


    Follow @beoplay and enjoy snapshots of daily life at B&O PLAY

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  • Lagoon Facebook


    Like B&O PLAY on Facebook and get the latest updates in your news feed.

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