A powerful portable Bluetooth speaker
with True360 omni-directional sound.

USD 599

  • grey a9


    USD 2.699

    Updating A9 with an even more innovative user interface and more digital services.

  • lifestyle lifestyle


    USD 399

    A2 is a powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker featuring True360 omni-directional sound, 24 hours of battery life and a rock-solid aluminium core built for mobility.

  • H6 black H6 black


    USD 399

    Stylish headphones made from premium materials and top of the line sound quality.

  • nightblue h3


    USD 199

    Powerful and authentic sound experience from robust yet ultra-light in-ears.

  • h3 bg khaled

    H6 With DJ Khaled

    USD 399

    Global hitmaker DJ Khaled and HEADS Audio have partnered with B&O PLAY.

  • Travellng portraits Travellng portraits


    The perfect travel companion

    In-ear headphone designed to fit your ears with air-tight precision while still being flexible and comfortable.

  • a2 a2

    Instagram Visuals

    The creative department is working with shades of blue. Be inspired at @beoplay

  • grey A9-black

    A9 Black Edition

    USD 2.699

    Updating a modern classic with an even more innovative user interface and digital services.

  • a9-pattern a9-pattern

    The Fibonacci Pattern

    Read more about the hidden ancient geometric form at The Journal.

  • lifestyle H8 lifestyle H8


    USD 499

    A premium, lightweight, wireless, active noise cancelling on-ear headphone with optimally balanced sound. An intuitive aluminium touch interface gives you full control.

  • H8 H8

    Instagram Visuals

    H8 in the perfect colour combination by @mettelyngholm

  • Latte bl15_champagne

    BEOLIT 15

    USD 599

    Fill any room – with power, clarity and passion.

  • h6 h6

    Instagram Visuals

    Sweet dog - Sweet day. Regram by @juicyjamesfranco

  • gray_hazel gray_hazel

    H6 Special Edition

    USD 399

    The popular BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphones are now available in a bold, elegant and exciting Gray Hazel edition.

  • lac lac

    Celebrating 90 years of excellence

    Experience the Love Affair Collection at

  • h2blue h2blue


    USD 199

    Flexible, on-ear headphone with superior sound and microphone and remote.

  • h3 h3

    Instagram Visuals

    H3 in a beautiful black and white setting. Regram by @flugge

  • h8 h8

    A culinary trip around the world

    Travelling the world, dining at new restaurants every other night.

  • beolit15 beolit15

    Instagram Visuals

    Beolit 15 in cool surroundings. Regram from @miesandfeld

  • grey earset3i

    Earset 3i

    USD 199

    Ultra light and adjustable earphone for people on the move.

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