A bespoke collection based on a friendship



    A bespoke collection of items that will keep your headphones safe and sound 

    – based on a friendship between Hard Graft and B&O PLAY. 


A bespoke collection based on a friendship

  • black 300x360 product

    PEAK by Hard Graft

    Gorgeously on display

    A playful pouch with a trick up its sleeve.

  • bg product

    PEAK by Hard Graft

    Gorgeously on display – or comfortably tucked away

    This pouch is the perfect match to headphones. It’s as simple as that really.
    Soft and sleek to look at and feel, inside and outside.

  • black 300x300 pinch

    PINCH by Hard Graft

    No more cable clutter

    Keeping your cable tidy on your headphones can be a hassle but fear no more.

  • Lagoon point

    POINT by Hard Graft

    A nifty guardian

    Gently nestled inside the felt and leather fortune cookie the ear buds are safe.

  • The story about a friendship
    • Since their inception in 2007 Hard Graft has been making fine leather and felt goods of the utmost quality with a great attention to detail and a sharp eye for multi-functionality and usability.

      Over the last few months we’ve become great friends with Hard Graft. Our approach to design is quite similar – we’re dedicated to craftsmanship, design excellence and innovation – and we both pay our utmost attention to the details.
      So we asked Hard Graft to create a bespoke collection of items to keep your headphones safe from harm.

      This is the result of the friendship.

      *The Hard Graft products are only sold online and the offer is valid in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. The offer is only valid with standard versions of H6, H3 and Form 2i.