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    The Sound of Fashion


    This right here is what we’ve dubbed “The Sound of Fashion” – a brand new partnership between
    Opening Ceremony and B&O PLAY based on a vibrant and playful approach to music, design and fashion.
    Enjoy the experience as we take you through a happy and carefree New Yorker universe filled with bright,
    splashy colours and high energy – all played out to the new single “Trigger” by Maluca.

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    Join us on a trippy B&O PLAY-powered tour through NYC with the up-and-coming hip-house sensation Maluca Mala – and get backstage for an interesting glimpse at the thoughts and processes behind the partnership  between Opening Ceremony and B&O PLAY, see the videos below.

    The Opening Ceremony-designed edition of Form 2i is a cheeky and playful take on a design classic that has its own place at the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. To get your hands  on these beauties you have to be fast because it’s a limited edition. The next time you’re close to the Opening Ceremony stores in either London or New York make sure to pop in and check out the cool new listening stations powered by B&O PLAY. Kick back and relax to the great music coming out of the Form 2i headphones.
See the cool backstage video

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