Powerful sound, sturdy exterior and comfortable fit.



Powerful sound, sturdy exterior and comfortable fit.


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Bang & Olufsen introduced their first headphone, U70, back in 1978. Not many audio manufacturers can claim that many years of experience on the market. This means that principles introduced nearly four decades ago have been refined and developed further ever since.

Take a trip down memory lane and experience the development from Bang & Olufsen the headphones in the early years until today, marked by the launch of two completely new headphones.


Manufactured 1978-1984
Designed by Jacob Jensen

U70 headphones were lightweight (only 300 grams) by the standards of their time and even back then, the main objectives were maximum comfort, great style and unequaled quality in the listening experience.

The ear cups could be individually adjusted both vertically and laterally, and locked into position. You could also adjust their height using the inner headband. U70 was replaced by Form 1.


Manufactured 1985-1997
Designed by Jacob Jensen

Form 1 represents Scandinavian minimalism in product design at its finest. The headphones combined excellent sound reproduction with customisation.

Based on the fact that no two heads are created alike, Bang & Olufsen designed a stereo headphone that was easily adjustable for maximum comfort. Also, Form 1 meant a cleaner, more simple take on headphone design.


Manufactured 1985-2013
Designed by Steve McGugan

A natural evolution of Form 1, Form 2 brought an even lighter and more sleek feel to the iconic design. Form 2 weighs in at only 86 grams and comes in a variety of colours.

A true testament to the timelessness of its design, and a part of MoMA’s permanent collection, Form 2 stands out in the lineup by having been in production for more than 25 years and counting, a claim no other headphone can make.

To learn more, visit the Form 2 website


Manufactured 2000-present
Designed by Anders Hermansen

Focusing on mobility and movement, Earphones were crafted to be ultra-lightweight and extremely adjustable.

Earset 3i was Bang & Olufsen’s first take on an in-ear headset, and it’s held a central place in the lineup for more than a decade. With the rising popularity of mobile phones, Earphones were updated, adding a remote control and microphone, and renamed EarSet 3i.

To learn more, visit the Earset 3i website


Manufactured 2013-present
Designed by Jakob Wagner

Crafted from a solid block of metal, BeoPlay H3 is an ultra-light earphone that stands on the shoulders of its predecessors, carrying forward the traditions of precision acoustics and craftsmanship, of building products that are able to reproduce the original sound material as authentically as possible. It’s a design that honours tradition but meets today’s demand for style.

To learn more, visit the BeoPlay H3 website


Manufactured 2013-present
Designed by Jakob Wagner

BeoPlay H6 is crafted from luxurious materials and makes a bold statement in terms of design. With a choice of black or natural leather, it is a perfect match for the style-conscious consumer who refuses to compromise quality in sound, design or craftsmanship.

The ear pads are made from soft lambskin, and the headband from the more rugged cow leather, a combination that ages well and only looks more beautiful with use.

To learn more, visit the BeoPlay H6 website


Manufactured 2014-present
Designed by Steve McGugan (1983)

Form 2i builds upon the popularity of its predecessor, Form 2 the simple and streamlined headphones that have managed to stay relevant and chic for decades since its introduction in 1985.

Form 2i brings you the same impressive look and sound as back in the days of Form 2 but also features improved comfort design plus a microphone and remote that lets you control your device or phone straight from the cord.

To learn more, visit the Form 2i website


Manufactured 2014-present
Designed by Jakob Wagner

Flexible, and light weight, the BeoPlay H2 sports adaptive fit technology that ensures a great fit on any head. And with a series of beautiful colours made from durable materials, the H2 also fits any style, and brings real personality to the headphone line up.

To learn more, visit the BeoPlay H2 website


Manufactured 2015-present
Designed by Jakob Wagner

BeoPlay H8 tops our headphone line up, merging the very best in materials, an exquisite design with attention to every detail, and impressive sound and an intuitive touch interface. That is why we pride ourselves in calling this, not only the most advanced headphone we’ve ever made, but simply, the best.

To learn more, visit the BeoPlay H8 website


Manufactured 2015-present
Designed by Jakob Wagner

Premium Active Noise Cancellation in-ear headphone. Sturdy, yet light and comfortable to wear, the BeoPlay H3 ANC gives you up to 20 hours of Active Noise Cancellation playtime and the headphone still functions even when the battery runs out.

To learn more, visit the BeoPlay H3 ANC website


Manufactured 2015-present
Designed by Jakob Wagner

Premium wireless over-ear headphone with authentic, clear sound. A unique combination of premium materials, sleek aesthetics, innovative interface and optimally balanced sound brings you unparalleled freedom.

To learn more, visit the BeoPlay H7 website

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