Subwoofer and satellites that will transform almost all TVs.



Subwoofer and satellites that will transform almost all TVs.


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Meet the new S8 from B&O PLAY. We’ve combined award-winning design with powerful acoustic performance to shape a speaker that instantly enhances any home audio setup. Connect to any streaming device or audio source – and bring some serious sound to your listening experiences. Whatever the set-up, the S8 is crafted to fit seamlessly into your life.

The S8 setup offers a variety of placement options, making it flexible enough to fit any home. Two satellite speakers can be hung on the wall or positioned with table stands, while the subwoofer has been specifically designed to sound amazing no matter where you choose to put it. Simply adjust the sound adaption switch to match the position, stand back, and listen as the device adjusts to give you optimal bass in any place.



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Just because your subwoofer is against a wall (or sofa or bookcase), doesn’t mean its great sound can’t stand out. Select 'wall' position to automatically optimize sound in proximity to a large object.   This compact subwoofer easily blends into any surroundings, but sometimes it deserves to stand out. Simply select the ‘free’ position and stand back while the S8’s six amplifiers take center stage.   Nobody puts PLAY in a corner. Well, actually sometimes they do, and that’s ok. Just select ‘corner’ position and you won’t have to worry about interference from surrounding walls.

Connection Hub

The B&O PLAY Connection Hub* allows you to hook up Beoplay S8 to almost any TV and audio sources, using optical or analogue cables.

No extra remotes are needed, as the Connection Hub learns the IR commands from your TV remote or any other remote.

The Connection Hub handles up to 3 connections at a time, and automatically changes to the last audio source to play, so if you’re listening to music, and the TV is turned on, the sound of the TV will take over. It’s as easy as that!

You can buy the Connection Hub here.

*Please note, that the TV Connection Hub is sold separately and is not included.

Tech Talk
An Inside look

Don’t let the S8 cube’s slim and sleek dimensions fool you: the insides of this subtle speaker were crafted with serious sound in mind. The design’s shape actually creates a tension that accentuates the power of its sound. Hand-tuned and refined by the Bang & Olufsen acoustics department, the result is their Signature Sound: honest, clean, and made to move you the way the artist intended it.




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“Small space, tight bass”

The bass port has been specifically engineered for tight, well defined bass. Connect the S8 to your TV and listen as films and concerts come to life inside your living room.

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“Half a dozen reasons”

Despite its compact size, there are 3 powerful class-D amplifiers in here! And they certainly deliver on Wattage - 2 x 140 W for the satellite speakers and 1 x 280 for the subwoofer.

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“Unleash the beast”

Bang & Olufsen’s team of sound engineers have spent hundreds of hours fine tuning the S8 digital signal processing to unleash the most moving listening experience out there.

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“Keeping you grounded”

The magnet inside the 8-inch bass driver has been strengthened to deliver greater bass precision. Plus its extra weight will keep your subwoofer firmly grounded even at full, ‘room-shaking’ volume.

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