B&O PLAY Products

Stand-alone mobile products, that are intuitive to use and easy to integrate into your daily life - at home or on the move. Products that deliver excellent high-quality experiences.

  • pineforrest a2-grey


    USD 399

    Powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker featuring True360 omni-directional sound, 24 hours of battery life and a rock-solid aluminium core built for mobility.

  • cappotino H8-argillaBright


    USD 499

    Premium wireless, active noise cancellation on-ear headphone.

  • dustygreen h2


    USD 199

    Ultra flexible, on-ear headphone featuring a superior sound and inline microphone.

  • Beoplay A9 Black Edition Beoplay A9 Black Edition

    A9 Black Edition

     New update of A9
    USD 2.699

    Updating a modern classic with more innovative user interface and integration of more digital service.

  • Lagoon h6 natural


    USD 399

    BeoPlay H6 provides a clear and powerful sound that reveals all the details in the music by any volume level.

  • Pistachio s8


    USD 1.199

    Good looks and serious sound combine to take your streaming experiences to the next level.

  • Latte champagne

    BEOLIT 15

    USD 599

    Fill any room – with power, clarity and passion.

  • Merlot earset3i

    Earset 3i

    USD 199

    Ultra light and adjustable earphone for people on the move.

  • Peach Beoplay A8


    USD 999

    Docked or undocked, this one-piece stereo brings your digital music to life.

  • Pistachio form 2i

    FORM 2i

    USD 129

    Ultra-light on-ear headphone with an impres-
    sive sound – now featuring mic and remote.

  • Merlot earphones


    USD 165

    Wired stereo earphones offering quality sound and ergonomic fit for your ears only.

  • Lagoon H3


    USD 199

    BeoPlay H3 is a superior and comfortable in-ear headphone for people in action.

  • Pistachio v1


    TV with flexible stand and mounting options, premium picture and sound quality.

  • blue stone blue stone

    H6 Blue Stone

    USD 399

    Blue Stone gives you a cool and pale grey in unison with a glittering light blue.

  • Bronzed Hazel Bronzed Hazel

    H6 Bronzed Hazel

    USD 399

    Bronzed Hazel combines a lush light brown colour with bronzed elegance.

  • Graphite Blush Graphite Blush

    H6 Graphite Blush

    USD 399

    Graphite Blush pairs a stormy greyish brown with an almost salmon-like red colour.

  • a8 black a8 black

    A8 True Black

    USD 999

    A dramatic, True Black Edition of BeoPlay A8 – the stereo system that breathes life into your music.

  • h3 bg PspotDJKRG

    H6 With DJ Khaled

    USD 399

    Global hitmaker DJ Khaled and HEADS Audio have partnered with B&O PLAY.


  • bg product

    PEAK by Hard Graft

    Gorgeously on display – or comfortably tucked away

    This pouch is the perfect match to headphones. It’s as simple as that really.
    Soft and sleek to look at and feel, inside and outside.

  • black 300x300 pinch

    PINCH by Hard Graft

    No more cable clutter

    Keeping your cable tidy on your headphones can be a hassle but fear no more.

  • Lagoon pinch

    POINT by Hard Graft

    A nifty guardian

    Gently nestled inside the felt and leather fortune cookie the ear buds are safe.

  • Latte a2-grey

    B&O PLAY accessories

    We have a wide range of accessories available for the B&O PLAY products.
    You can find an overview here.

Special Deals

Our special deals are either refurbished products or special offers. Refurbished products are offered up to 20% off of the listed price of a new product on beoplay.com, and have been tested and certified to be fully functional. They’re as good as new – and come with a 6 month warranty.