In the zone

And in the heat of a race, a favourite song might come back to you, providing relief when you really begin to suffer.

The right songs can prepare you mentally before a race, or help you cool down afterwards.

acts as a great motivator

A tearing guitar riff or thumping kick drum may be all the stimulation you need for a hard turbo session or to warm-up for the day’s racing. Plug in, zone out.



It’s a sport of constant movement, an audio-visual circus;

Bike racing has its own distinctive sound



The whirring of the wheels and chains, the fast paced breath of the riders. The race moves across the landscape, up, over, down and up again, seemingly forever, like an infinite sound wave.

road racer
just race
on the

He or she lives on the road, transferring between stages and races.
Sound provides a sanctuary, a time to curl up on the back seat and drift off to the sounds of a gentle concerto.


delicous bike

Wherever you ride, make sure you get the
right sounds for the road.

For the cyclist

Beoplay H6 with Rapha is designed for cyclists. The ear pads are made from the same African hair sheep leather used in the Rapha GT Gloves.

The headband inner uses a fabric found in Rapha’s pro team products, a material that can easily cope with the levels of sweat produced during high-intensity turbo sessions.

Photos by Rapha/Ben Ingham