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Stripped back to a minimal, what you see is what you get look, Beoplay H4 are take anywhere, wireless over-ear headphones with a focus on pure essentials. Pure sound. Pure materials. Pure expression.

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Chase Robbins

Chase won’t let the world pin him down. Not yet anyway. He lives to travel, and travels to live. And his road trips are primarily skateboard-centric. Often-times he lives in his car.

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Meet Chase

Anybody who tries to push limits inspires me. And that pushes me to want to do better. To skate harder.

He travels from skate park to skate park, sometimes with pro teams, sometimes because he just wants to. And when he needs a change of pace he goes hiking. We went with him to Venice Beach skate park - the iconic bowls which are always buzzing with activity and the rhythm of rubber on concrete. However much he travels, his path usually passes this way. “It goes all the way back to Dog Town and all the older cats from skating, you know. It’s just, if you want to be a part of the skate scene, you have to go put your mark on that park”.


Christina Angelina

Christina Angelina (Starfighter) is an artist, but she won’t define what type – “I can’t stand labels, they all drive me crazy, because it’s just limiting”. Apparently, she is one of the top 10 female street artists in the world.

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Meet Angelina

Spending time between her two studios, one near her home in Venice and the other downtown, working on numerous public art projects, and running marathons (40 of them to date), Christina Angelina is a bundle of pure energy.

Keep going. Harder than you think you can. Further than you think you can. Then you’ll feel alive.

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Ben Lee

Archivist at the Gagosian Gallery. Art fair curator in LA and New York, and DJ and orator. Rumour has it that Ben Lee is the most famous non-celebrity in LA. Juggling time at work with his own tattoo art projects, art fairs, and DJing at cult LA clubs, the only rule is there are no routines. In his own words, It’s exciting to bash brains with people whom you admire, and then come up with something cool that you wouldn’t be able to think of all by yourself.

I don’t like subtlety. I like things that bang you over your head and make you go woaaahh…

Meet Ben Lee
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You unfiltered

Our speakers and headphones are more than just products – we design them to change your world a little. And we’d love you to share some of those moments with us.

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